Our refreshed brand embodies the best of who we are.

We are in transformational times in our industry. More than ever, people are counting on us.

PSEG’s evolving business demands a fresh look at how we define who we are and what we stand for. Our refreshed brand captures that and is also the sum of the promises we make–and keep–for all our stakeholders. So, we have built an updated brand strategy that glues it together.

To guide the future, our refreshed brand is informed by our past. We work hard to live the values of the people who founded this company more than 120 years ago. They rallied to serve and protect our community when someone was needed to step up and find a solution.

I have watched this company live those values repeatedly over generations. While our business priorities sometimes change, our commitments and sense of responsibility do not.

Our refreshed brand embodies the best of who we are and demands the best of who we should be. And for that, I am grateful.

Ralph LaRossaChair of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer at PSEG