Talk straight.

Be clear.

Be brief.

Be believable.

People don’t want promises from a utility. They just want us to keep their lights on and homes warm. (Oh, and save the planet while we’re at it.) Our brand voice should always be honest and direct, backed by facts and 100% hype-free. That means less marketing-speak, more human-speak.

Think forward.

Be bold.

Be positive.

Be inspiring.

PSEG has a proud history, but we aren’t stuck in the past. Considering that climate change is here, now, our forward thinking is a very good thing. Our brand is driven by a sense of urgency and a dose of grit. Our look captures the energy, movement, and tenacity needed to make real, positive changes.

Stay responsible.

Be accountable.

Be forthright.

Be humble.

We’re all about public service. Heck, it’s even in our name. We never forget just how much people depend on us—and how difficult it is for customers should we fail to come through. That kind of responsibility is humbling. We need to show that we get this in everything we say and do.

Know your


Dial up reliability.

Our customers just want to know they can trust us, and that we have their backs. So when communicating with them, always tell it like it is. Be respectful of their time and genuinely grateful for their business. And if there’s ever a problem, own it.

Dial up foresight.

Our investors want a steady hand on the wheel. They know how we behave today impacts our profitability tomorrow. (And theirs.) So when addressing them, always lean into the vision. Focus on solutions. Think long term. Be the antidote for uncertainty in uncertain times.

Dial up caretaking.

This small, but mighty audience demands accountability in all we do. They have strong BS detectors. So be direct and transparent. No fluff. Stress our history of caring for communities and tackling tough challenges. And how both make us vital to the state’s future.

Dial up responsiveness.

Our people are the walking, talking embodiment of our brand. Our front line. They see themselves as problem solvers and first responders. Invested in what they do. So speak to employees, and about them, that way. Make them feel proud, appreciated, and part of something bigger.